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Frida Gone Gogh - Large Mixed Media Painting

Frida Gone Gogh - Large Mixed Media Painting

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Experience the enchanting fusion of Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh in "Frida Gone Gogh," a captivating large-scale mixed media painting that intertwines their legacies in a mesmerizing narrative.

In this breathtaking artwork, Frida Kahlo dons Van Gogh's iconic green coat while seated upon his renowned yellow chair, accompanied by a cardinal bird—a celestial messenger embodying Frida's resilience despite past injuries and the inability to bear children.

Entitled "Frida Gone Gogh," this piece pays homage to both artists, presenting Frida with a twist—half adorned as Dia de Muerte, her hair a colorful collage of cherished memories.

Crafted on high-quality wood panel, measuring an impressive 72 inches in height by 48 inches wide, with a depth of 1.5 inches, this masterpiece is adorned with sparkling patterns of golden beads, elevating its allure and depth.

And as a special offer, enjoy complimentary shipping on "Frida Gone Gogh," inviting its captivating narrative and rich symbolism into your space with ease.

Viva La Viva!

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