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Make Hummus NOT Walls - Large Oil Colour Painting

Make Hummus NOT Walls - Large Oil Colour Painting

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Immerse yourself in the powerful narrative of this large original oil painting on fine wood panel. Standing at an impressive 60 inches in height, 40 inches in width, and with a depth of 1.5 inches, this artwork commands attention with its striking graffiti-style depiction.

At the heart of the painting stands a girl, symbolizing resilience and hope, positioned alongside an occupation wall. In her hand, she holds a red balloon, a poignant symbol of the dream for freedom and liberation.

The canvas is adorned with graffiti quotes in Arabic, English, and Hebrew, serving as a bold statement against occupation and oppression. These powerful words echo the collective call to end occupation and amplify the voice of freedom for Palestine.

Bold and expressive, this painting invites viewers to stand strong and unite in the fight for justice and liberation. It serves as a visual testament to the enduring spirit of resilience and the unwavering pursuit of freedom.

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